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From a Silent Son

*The root of Racism is not our SKIN; it is our SIN.*

*This is more than a battle of people against people; it is a battle of a spiritual nature that only spiritual power will solve*

*How long will we scream “reconciliation” from the heat of the battle instead of taking steps to prevent the battle in the first place.*

*Injustice happens both on camera and off camera.*

*Injustice is injustice period. “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” -MLK

*All white men are not murders. And white people are not racist.*

*All black men are not thugs. And all black people are not angry, wounded, bitter towards the world.*


1. Check your heart before you speak your piece!

*We rally for the murder videos we see today; while celebrating the murder we enjoy on the movie screen or video game yesterday and even tomorrow.*

*We result in degrading one another, all the while avoiding the fact that our homes are without fathers, and young boys and young girls have no example of how to carry themselves in the world.”

2.Know where your real values lie!

*Develop a biblical value system where ALL PEOPLE MATTER…not just the ones you are presented within the media*

*That means the single black mother matters. The elderly white woman in the nursing home matters. The meth addict on skid row matters. The LGBTQ individual matters. The Wall Street Billionaire matters*


3. Realize what we all really deserve!

* Eternity in Hell!*

*Jesus took what we deserve so that we (all of us) can walk in what ONLY He deserves.*

4. Stand Up, Speak Up, Shut Up, and Sit Down!

*Stand Up and be a representative of the Kingdom of God…Not your CULTURE…Not your Race…Not your PERSONAL VIEWS…But the KINGDOM*

*Speak Up and tell the truth about where you are, not where you want people to perceive you to be. If you are angry say so, if you are hurting say so, if you are confused say so. But then don’t plan to stay there or forget about it until the “next incident.”

*Shut Up and realize that Humility is still in. Jesus was completely silent as he was experienced persecution, dying to save our souls…So the next time you want to rally, retaliate, or “prove your point” ask yourself, “WWJD?”

*Sit Down and know you have been called as a Son and Daughter of the Father. You are seated in heavenly places. The enemy is under your feet. But it’s your choice to keep Him there! HUMILITY IS NEVER A WRONG MOVE!

From a Silent Son, with a Loud Papa.


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