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About Us

At our core, we are a group of people who have been changed and believe that our calling to see the world changed just as we are. Based in Virginia's grand southside region, our location serves as a constant reminder that we are called "lovers," not only of our state but of the Father's Heart.


The story of One Identity Movement began in 2018 when a young college student began to walk in the reality of the simple truth: "God is Good, and His Image is My Identity." Since then, we have evolved into a faith-based business organization that impacts many people not only through our discipleship but our design(s), apparel, our teaching, and our words.


One Identity Movement, or "OIM" as many call it, has one major purpose, stemming from Haggai 2:7, that "The Father's Heart would be the desire of all nations." This is a truth we choose to live by and share with everyone we come in contact with. We believe that we have tasted of The Father's goodness, and the places He desires to take us are only a small step in His overarching design to redeem the world into His eternal Kingdom. Therefore, our covenant is to start a movement that sparks simple conversations that will merge into deepening relationships, newfound freedom, and real identity in Christ.


Image by Ethan Sykes

However, in today’s Christian culture, many:

  • Are overcome by the power of fear, shame, and rejection.

  • Believe the lies of the enemy, as opposed to God’s truth.

  • Are influenced by spiritual and personal conflicts.

  • Choose to live based on the influences of sin in their past. 


At One Identity Movement, we understand that so many believers experience the constant struggle with walking in the truth of their identity as a child of God. This is often due to the absence of experiencing the love of a natural father during the developmental years of their lives. They will often say, “I know God loves me in my head, but I don’t feel it in my heart,” or better yet, “God loves me, but He sure doesn’t like me!” The message of the Gospel says that Jesus came to introduce us to His Father and to grant us an abundant life that only comes when we daily experience God’s love. 

We have witnessed the need for a discipleship process that invites Christians into a deep and personal encounter with God’s love while equipping them with transformational tools to live from the fullness of God’s heart for them! 

One Identity Movement utilizes a discipleship process that is BIBLICAL, TRANSFORMATIONAL, and PRACTICAL as we lead Christians everywhere to experience God’s love for them and live out the reality of their identity in Jesus Christ.


Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦



Experience God’s love for you by engaging in Encountering Abba’s Heart, a prayer ministry process involving confession, repentance, and the renewed mind.



Live out the reality of your identity as a child of God by submitting to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of your life. 


"I lived the majority of my life as an orphan. I was always lonely, depressed, and anxious. When I encountered Abba's Heart, my entire life CHANGED! I received my life back. I have a purpose. I know I am loved by my Heavenly Father!"

Nathalie J.
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