“One Identity Movement” is exactly that, a movement of people who desire nothing more than to be like Jesus, sound like Jesus, and live like Jesus in a world that I does not. Through prayer and direction from God, we have come to learn that “His Image, is Our Identity," stemming from the truth found in Haggai 2:7, "Jesus is the desire of the nations!"  This is a truth we alI choose to live by and one we'll  share with everyone we come in contact with. And what better way to spread this, than through the clothes we wear!


Our inner desire is that this brand of graphics and clothing will accomplish two major goals: 1) spark simple conversations that will merge into deepening relationships, new found freedom, and real identity in Christ; 2) for wearer to never forget their real identity. As life presents intense mountains and sublime valleys, we pray that these current circumstances would not define our inner selves or our God.


Our world is in such a great need for truth, life, and divine hope. As a faith based organization we are  unshakable in our belief that this answer is found in Jesus and Invite you to believe and trust the same. 


As you scroll through each photo and hopefully decide on an item(s) of clothing to purchase, know all profits are going to support one truth: Jesus as the Identity of all! Whether it be through missions, outreaches, or simple acts of kindness, nothing goes unnoticed or lacking in value.

"His Image, Our Identity."

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